Hosting A Wedding Inside An Art Gallery


March 10, 2023

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Your wedding day is going to be one of the most special moment in life, and choosing the right venue is paramount to making it memorable. If you’re someone who loves art and creativity, hosting your wedding in an art gallery might just be the perfect touch to create that unique atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of.

‘Bouquet’- Darlene Lobos c/o Elevation Gallery

Why choose an art gallery?

Art galleries provide a distinctive space with creative ambiance, charm, and character without the need for extra decoration. The various artworks and installations make a fascinating backdrop to any wedding ceremony. Moreover, art galleries offer a great mix of tradition and modernity, making them suitable for all styles of weddings, from classic to contemporary.

MAINSPACE encompasses everything you could want from an intimate venue space, with some of the finest curate art pieces in the Bow Valley and beyond. Elevation Gallery on Main Street in Canmore plays host to MAINSPACE, primarily one of the town’s finest art retail spaces during the day, and transforming into the most unique and captivating setting for your wedding come the evening.

MAINSPACE Wedding- Exhibition ‘Botanicals’ by Darlene Lobos

What to consider when hosting a wedding in an art gallery?

– Space: Ensure that the art gallery can accommodate your guests comfortably. Art galleries usually have ample space, but it’s always best to do a site visit to ensure it meets your requirements. MAINSPACE comfortably seats up to 50 guests, or can accommodate 100 for cocktail-style events.

– Artwork: Consider the artwork in the gallery concerning your color scheme, theme, and decor. The artwork is constantly revolving, giving the venue an interactive experience. With this in mind, minimal decor is often needed as the artwork adds enough colour and texture to your backdrop.

– Lighting: Art galleries typically have excellent lighting, but check if it’s strong enough for photographs or if additional ambient lighting is necessary.

– Logistics: Check the policies regarding catering, parking, sound, and entertainment. Some galleries may require you to use preferred vendors, while others may not allow amplified music or dancing. MAINSPACE benefits from a list of trusted preferred vendors who all understand the restrictions of cooking on site and access into the venue. Any form of entertainment is permitted (your choice!) and the party can run until 1am on the designated dancefloor area.

– Budget: Hosting a wedding in an art gallery can be more affordable than other venues since the price is based on the rental fee, rather than the overall decor or amenities. The package price at MAINSPACE covers everything you need to host a wedding. We offer upgrades for amplified decor options or extra items you may be thinking of purchasing or renting. Our experienced event staff will be on site from start to finish for your special day.

Benefits of hosting a wedding in an art gallery

Hosting a wedding in an art gallery provides numerous benefits that make it a popular choice among couples. Some advantages include:

– Unique experience: A wedding in an art gallery is a non-traditional experience that sets you apart from others. It’s a venue that cultivates individuality and creative expression.

– Stunning photo opportunities: With numerous pieces of artwork and elegant decor, an art gallery provides an excellent backdrop for your wedding photos. The two outdoor terraces at MAINSPACE also offer picturesque mountain views at both front and back of the venue.

MAINSPACE BACK TERRACE VIEWS Photo: Nicole Fields Photography

– Customizable: Art galleries are a blank canvas that allows couples to design an event to their liking. Couples can work with the event team to create their vision and bring their dream wedding to life.

– Minimal decor required: Given the ambiance an art gallery offers, there’s often no need for elaborate decor. This saves the couple both time and money while still providing a beautiful setting.

If you’re looking for a unique venue for your wedding, MAINSPACE could be a perfect fit. Art galleries provide a distinct and creative atmosphere that sets your wedding apart from the rest. Keep in mind the key considerations like space, artwork, lighting, logistics, and budget before finalizing the venue. With its numerous benefits, hosting a wedding in an art gallery promises to be an exceptional and unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

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