the beauty of sustainable wedding florals

March 10, 2023

Have you ever attended a wedding where everything just felt a little bit extra-special? You might not have been able to put your finger on it, but the whole event seemed beautifully tied together, as though a common thread were running through it all. The venue was beautiful, the centrepieces were splendid, all those details were thoughtful and carefully coordinated – but still, it’s more than that.

We have an idea of what it might be. It’s the florals.

Integrating the perfect florals into the design and aesthetic of your big day has an impact that’s as subtle as it is impossible to not notice. They can accentuate the atmosphere you’re looking to cultivate – from beautiful pastels that bring a bright and whimsical feeling to the affair to dried florals and grasses for a more bohemian vibe. They create consistency across an event, thematically tying the arbour at the end of the aisle to the snack table at the end of the night. Finally, they allow you to bring an element of yourself to the affair, as expressed through bouquets, embellishments, and arrangements.

That said, not everybody has a florist’s knowledge of what they’re after in their wedding florals, and that’s okay! If you can’t tell a rose from a ranunculus, mainspace and the Rocky Mountain Wedding Collective are here to help with five easy steps to ensure your Canmore wedding florals are a truly a sight to behold.

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Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Perfect Wedding Florals

1. Choose your palette. First thing’s first: what colours are you working with? There are a couple of ways you can make this decision. You can choose your florals first and let them influence the larger theme of your wedding, or you can choose your theme first and then land on florals that match. 

Seasonality and personal preference come into play too, of course – you want to choose colours and florals that you personally like and may choose to let the time of the year help guide your decision making (i.e.: bright and bold for a spring wedding, subdued and rustic for a fall wedding, etc.). 

Whatever florals you decide on, you can rest easy in the knowledge that mainspace is your blank canvas: ready to accommodate with a flexibility that sets it apart amongst Canmore and Banff wedding venues. More than that, if you need a bit of help setting a palette and theme in motion, we’re ready to assist with our expertly designed Vision Packages, giving you the aesthetic foundation you need to help bring your creative wedding vision to life. 

2. Choose your flowers. Once you’ve landed on your color palette, it’s time to find some flowers that fit the theme – and that’s precisely where Alpine Blooms can come in to lend a hand! Locally owned and operated, Alpine Blooms is RMWC’s in-house floral designer, specializing in thoughtful arrangements and high-quality blooms that help to make your big day feel even bigger. From helping you find florals that match your event vision to navigating location restrictions, seasonality considerations, and even allergy concerns, Alpine Blooms is ready to help you find the perfect florals for your wedding event. 

3. Determine your budget. Like everything wedding-related, florals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices, so be sure to take some time to sort out just how much you’re looking to budget for blooms in order to set yourself up for wedding success. Going with in-season blooms can help to keep costs down, as can choosing certain florals and arrangements over others. Remember, flowers aren’t the only decorative element you’ll need to account for from a dollars-and-cents perspective, so be sure to plan accordingly!

4. Consider the venue. You might not realize it, but the wedding venue you choose can have a real impact on the florals you’re able to pick from. Be sure to consider the space within the venue, the size of the tables guests will be seated at, and the atmosphere of the space. Lighting plays a role in the decision-making too, as florals will look remarkably different in an airy, well-lit room than they might in a dimmer, more moody setting. 

This, again, brilliantly demonstrates the value in working within the Rocky Mountain Wedding Collective for all your wedding planning needs. When you book your event at mainspace, for example, the team at Alpine Blooms knows everything about the space, which florals work best in it, which arrangements best suit the atmosphere, and more. When you’re planning something as complex and with as many moving parts as a wedding, the more streamlined the planning can get, the better – which is exactly where RMWC shines!

5. Personalize your florals. Personalization is everything when it comes to weddings – and that same sentiment extends to wedding florals. There’s no end to the amount of personalization you can bring to your wedding florals, incorporating everything from family heirlooms and jewelry to special items like feathers, crystals, ribbons or even fairy lights. 
The teams at mainspace and Alpine Blooms have assisted in countless personalization requests and have no shortage of creative ways to help make your florals truly your florals. Whatever your budget, whatever your blooms, simply contact us at mainspace today to learn more about the venue and we’ll be delighted to chat further about how we can help you choose your perfect weddings florals today!

Can beautiful florals be sustainable?

Alpine Blooms

As weddings become more and more eco-conscious, couples are looking for ways to make their big day more sustainable. One area that often gets overlooked in this search for sustainability is flowers. However, with a little bit of research and some careful planning, it’s possible to choose sustainable flowers for your wedding without sacrificing style or beauty.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing sustainable flowers for your wedding:

1. Choose Local Flowers

One of the most sustainable options for wedding flowers is choosing locally grown blooms. Not only do local flowers have a lower carbon footprint since they don’t need to be transported as far, but they’re also fresher and often more affordable. Plus, by choosing flowers that are in season and grown locally, you’ll be supporting local farmers and businesses.

2. Opt for Organic Flowers

Organic flowers are grown without harmful chemicals, which makes them a more environmentally friendly choice. Look for flowers that are certified organic or that use sustainable farming practices. Keep in mind that organic flowers may be more expensive than conventionally grown flowers, but the difference in price is worth it to support sustainable farming practices.

3. Choose Long-Lasting Blooms

Rather than choosing flowers that will wilt quickly and need to be replaced, opt for long-lasting blooms. Sunflowers, dahlias, and succulents are all great choices that can last for weeks after the wedding. This means less waste and more enjoyment of your beautiful blooms.

4. Embrace Wildflowers

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider using wildflowers as part of your decor. These flowers are naturally occurring in the environment and require no extra resources to grow. Plus, they add a whimsical, romantic touch to any wedding.

While sustainability may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a wedding, it’s important to consider how your choices will impact the environment.

By choosing local, organic, long-lasting, and wildflowers, you can have beautiful and sustainable blooms that will enhance your wedding day while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Choosing the perfect wedding florals is an exciting part of planning your wedding. Keep these tips in mind as you embark on the journey to a floral-filled wedding day. With a little research and guidance from a top-rated florist, you can create the perfect decor for a well-designed and impressive wedding.

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